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Greetings! Here’s some BTS footage of Opio Creations most recent Fashion Show!

Below is an exerpt from the Seawanhaka Newspaper about Opio Creations Collection on the Runway!

Can You Tame Your Thirst For Fashion? BY: MABEL MARTINEZ

Spring Week at Long Island University wouldn’t be the same without the annual fashion show. This year the Student Government Association along with Dynamic Designs organized the “Can You Tame Your Thirst For Fashion?” event in the Paramount Gym on April 26. The show drew large crowds and was filled with neon colors, preppy bow ties, body-conscious dresses and performances.

Next up was Opio Creations by Opio Chung and Joshua C. Joseph along with their stylist Jah Menin. This collection featured African-inspired traditional wear. There was a variety of sleeveless shirts for men in white, red, purple and more colors. The models wore white shorts and khaki pants to complete the look. The line also included exotic leather, jean shorts, green skirts with sky-high pumps for women.

However, Opio Creations gave the audience a glimpse of their fall 2012 collection – which featured bomber jackets, blazers and sleeveless jackets with their logo on the front. To purchase the items email Opio Creations at or check out their Facebook page Opio Creations.

*Typo…on my name…stylist De Jah Menen!


Only the Best!

Agabhumi The Best of Bali is a clothing and lifestyles brand that produces and distributes everything from jewelry to sandals! 

Agabhumi is you one stop shop with convienent locations in Connecticut, California, and Barbados; all items are available online!

My favorite piece for summer right now is the Wide Beaded Cuff & the ‘Way Hay’ Belt          

Here is what founders, Michael and Regina have to say about what Agabhumi means to them: “The name ‘Agabhumi’ was chosen as it means ‘ancient firmament’ and represents, for us, a reflection of the strength and creativity of the artisans with whom we have the pleasure of working…Selemat Jalan!


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