Too much fashion for 1 week’s time!

Yes! It’s that time of year again…Fashion Week 2012, the most anticipated event is almost here. Well established and up and coming fashion designers from all over the world will assemble in New York City from February 9th-16th to display their collections for fall 2012. 

Be ahead of the latest trends and style secrets before they are unleashed to the masses! Keep tabs on what intrigued critics and buyers. What looks will survive the distracting spring and summer months?

Only time will tell…

Display some of you looks on the avenues of NYC, you will be surprised by what sort of things will catch on. I have experienced it many times! Many designers are inspired by normal people’s personal style. You may see your look on the runway soon.


2 thoughts on “Too much fashion for 1 week’s time!

  1. That’s how it always happens there’s inspiration in everywhere and in all of us. Maybe I see you on the streets of NYC during fashion week.

  2. Hello Glenn,

    Yes! Inspiration does come from everywhere! That is the beauty of fashion and art alike. You may see me during fashion week! Inspire, Excite & Influence!


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