Care by not caring!

It`s officially fall and my favorite time to dress-up and accessorize! Who Cares?

There are many ways to be in-style while also setting new trends! Bright colored pants, leather skirts, lace, plaids and tartans are must haves for this season!
Don`t be afraid to try something new. Not caring so much about every item of clothing you are wearing…and learning to feel comfortable in almost anything you put on is the most freeing feeling.

Many people stop me on the street and compliment me on my style or outfit! My usual response is “Arigato! I really just threw this on!” But the fact that I don’t care about how others perceive me, I am able to wear what ever makes me feel great! Matching exactly is not a must like it once was! Have fun mismatching colors and fabrics! On any day you can find me in my red pumps (with my SandbySaya tote in hand) textured tights, mid-calf leather skirt, denim jacket and multi-colored scarf. Random, yes! But it works! Confidence is a must-have this season!

Go ahead…be a fashionista and be sure to set the trend!

De Jah


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